Sonic Womb

Join us for a sublime evening of toning, over-toning, throat singing and free form soundscaping with a crystal bowl and other supportive sound devices.

Also allowing space for silence, room for movement, and being present with each other in whatever arises. Imbibing in the harmonies and synergy of co-creation… opening to what wants to come through us.

We usually check in a little at the start and as we go, sometimes we share intentions, etc… to arrive and connect and tune in…. but most of the time is toning, and it’s not orchestrated… each of us is invited to just let what wants to come through to come through, allow the sounds…. not performing, more of a meditation…an allowing….

We’ll also have some break time for tea and being with community…and integration…feel free to optionally bring some snacks to share.

…and, to let you know, we discussed whether to post a recording, because we don’t want people to get an inaccurate impression… that is, it’s not about making great music, or toning for the sake of creating great harmonies, though that may happen. It’s more a process of our meditation of tuning in to ourselves and the group, opening, and experimenting. It doesn’t necessarily sound good, and there is more meaning for the participants than the recording can possibly convey. And, of course, the soundscape of each gathering will be quite different and unique.

So what we are doing is not really a “toning” group. It’s more an active and interactive co-creative experimental sounding and movement meditation. That all being said, please enjoy the recording from one of our past Sonic Womb events: