The Three Agreements/Commitments:

1) I claim 100% responsibility for my own experience.

2) I commit to being total – all here, all in, for the full time.

3) I extend regard to others, and care for their experience.


The Three Principles/The Dimensions of Practice:

1) Presence – holding attention here/now, expanding awareness and attention, and expanding our sense of ‘self’

2) Connection – with self, other and the group; sensing the whole group as a single living organism

3) Surrender – awareness of and allowing of non-mental intelligences to inform and guide us

The Field of Awakening

“We are not just here together to keep each other company. We are here together to show each other God. The universal gate opens when we bridge our hearts. The portal is each other.” ~ Jeff Brown

The Field of Awakening is a group relational meditation and consciousness expansion practice based in presence, connection and surrender – allowing the unknown to inform and move us. TFoA is more of a container than a particular method… you are not led in exercises (except perhaps for an initial guided meditation to drop us in together) but rather have space to more deeply listen to you own inner voice, your evolutionary impulse, the life force itself pulsing in your own veins and in every cell of your body, to reclaim your inner authority in life.

Bring your meditation and personal practices into the relational and subtle realms! With attention on the whole group as a living organism, we allow space for us to be moved by our other-than-daily-mind intelligences… discovering our own emergent evolutionary impulse within and allowing it…trusting in the larger intelligence of the group field and life force in each of us… and inviting our fully human selves to be just that – fully human. We welcome you to play with us in this interactive cosmic playground for mature consciousness, where all-of-you can show up to be seen, to express and play!

This practice is particularly for you if you have a passion for self discovery, you enjoy relating with others, you want to realize and actualize the full potential of your being while also supporting the same in others, and you want to learn to live a deeper experience of authentic and connected community in your every day life.

Join us in inviting the unknown and allowing ourselves to be supported by each other and in alignment with our innate multidimensional intelligence, opening and expanding into our embodied potential; where we play in this cosmic playground for evolving consciousness.

Want to join the ultimate play?