Eye Contact Experiment

We’ve all heard the saying, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” Well, what if we can experience something of our essence, of the divine, and also deep connection while we gaze in each other’s eyes? What if eye contact was not something to be feared, what if it wasn’t a contest? What if we can offer and receive the love in our hearts? What would it be like to be open to the unknown and receive whatever may be there? 

We offer Eye Contact Experiment Experiment events so you can find out! And if you’re already hooked you can participate and play and introduce this form of safe intimacy with others. 

To the left is a video of the Eye Contact Experiment event held on Boulder’s outdoor Pearl Street Mall in October, 2015. It’s not your normal trailer full of explosions and fast paced action… but if you pay attention there is a lot happening… I invite you to put it on full screen and take in this 21 minute video like a meditation… Just open and see what you experience. 

Eye Contact Experiment events are usually free and offered in public high foot traffic places so that we engage and invite those strolling by to join in if they are so inclined. Stay tuned to this page for event announcements (or sign up for our newsletter from the menu bar). Now that it’s warming up in springtime something will likely be added soon….